Online Food Stores
Are You As Hungry As I Am?

Online Food Stores

There are a lot of ways to set up a food store online.  Food is such a broad term that there are a lot of profitable ways to make money by catering to one of the most basic needs of man.

Right off the bat, I can think of three ways to set up a food business on the web.  First is to cater to groceries and other basic household needs or an online grocery store.  The second would be to cater to a certain style of cooking by supplying its ingredients, recipes, cookbooks etc.  And the last would be to deliver cooked meals or dishes right to your client’s doorstep, sort of like a Chinese restaurant delivery but done through the net.

Online Food Stores / Groceries are a must-have

We all have to have basic staples inside our pantries, cupboards and refrigerators.  As an online grocery shop, you can cater to the most basic needs, like milk, bread, eggs or cereals.  As a start-up you can simply stock up on basic products and expand as your business grows.  Clients can simply log on to your site, supply their names and address, charge their purchase to a credit card or simply pay cash on delivery and wait for you to deliver their purchases.

This type of service offers convenience to mothers, parents and busy people who forgot or simply have no time to go to the grocers’.  Imagine doing some other chore while waiting for your groceries to be delivered.  Saves time for the harried housewife which allows her to focus her attention to other things instead of having to go out just to buy some bread for breakfast tomorrow. 

Online Food Stores / Are you reliable?

For this type of service to foster, you must offer reliability.  When you say you deliver within 30 minutes of receiving the order, then you have to stick to that promise.  Of course as a start-up, you will have to operate within a certain radius in order to fulfill that promise, but as customers expand, you can also increase your territory by opening more depots where you can stock your groceries, or offer your business for franchising and conquer the areas beyond your neighborhood.

Online Food Stores / Supply Shop

Another neat idea would be to cater to people who have a passion for a certain type of cooking like Mexican, Italian, Chinese and others and then supplying ingredients, cookbooks, recipes and other necessary items. 

For example, you are planning to supply the Japanese cuisine.  Then your stocks should consist of herbs, ingredients, cookbooks, recipes and other pertinent matters that apply to the Japanese style of cooking.  You should stock up on Japanese rice, wasabi, sake, noodles, tofu, seaweed, roe and other ingredients that are essential in Japanese cuisine.

In a way, this is a form of a niche where you cater to a select clientele, in this case Japanese food enthusiasts.  This sort of business allows you to focus on a single aspect instead of trying to cover all of the bases in one swoop.

Online Food Stores / Food Delivery

Why not instead of cooking the night’s fare, you spend a few minutes in front of the computer and order the whole family’s supper with a few keystrokes and wait for its delivery?  This sort of online food store would be like having pizza or Chinese food delivered to your house but focuses more on the delicious, balanced and healthy alternative to both.

We all love pizza and Chinese but why not order up mashed potatoes, some meat and vegetables over the internet?  Instead of mom rushing home from work to prepare supper she can simply log on to your site, select from a menu of healthy food and have it delivered right at the house, hot and steaming and ready to be served: home-style cooking with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

You can turn this sort of style of online food store into an online catering business.  The concept as above is the same.  Your clients choose from a menu, enter their address and you can deliver a whole buffet for a lot of people just by logging on to the internet. 

Online Food Stores / The Power of the Internet

The internet is very versatile and so the possibilities of online food store businesses are endless.  It can be made to cater to specific cuisines, items or services.  You can get creative and explore new ideas.  The internet is unlimited so the only thing that it needs is your input.  In the world of cyberspace you can be who you want to be and make money from doing what you love to do at your convenience, anywhere. 

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