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When we say health food we think soy, drab and tasteless food, broccoli and other unappetizing but otherwise healthy food.  But thanks to Americans becoming health conscious, the health food industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

The FDA has always made public the effects of chemicals which are most often found in our diet.  These chemicals are present in our food through manufacturing processes or exposure to the chemicals themselves in agriculture.  These chemicals, most of them with more then 6 syllables and very hard to spell, are deemed by the FDA as carcinogenic meaning they cause cancer or are toxic meaning they pose a threat to humans or are poisonous.

Moreover, these chemicals do not only pose human safety and health issues, they are also dangerous to the environment and consume more energy to produce.

Thankfully, we humans are learning our lessons and are trying to turn over a new leaf.  The search for sources of more earth friendly and healthier food is having a big impact on the organic health food industry.

Online Health Food Stores / Why Sell Online?

You are probably asking why sell health food online? Wouldn’t a “real” store be better?  My answer to this is: because the search for healthier food is not just an American thing, it is a global thing.

Americans are not the only ones exposed to toxins and carcinogens.  We are not the only ones dealing with the effects of our actions on our environment.  Everybody is looking for healthier alternatives.  Everybody is looking for ways to save Mother Earth.

Products which are organically grown mean that farmers who grew them did not use chemical pesticides or herbicides, grew them in a sustainable farming environment and contain no additives or fillers.  These products are 100% all natural from seed to product.

These products range from fruits and vegetables, food supplements, organic junk food, milk, meat, dairy products and even personal care products like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, detergent and a whole lot more.

Now can you see the potential of the market?  Not only is there a wide array of products, you also have a huge global market. 

Online Health Food Stores / What to Sell?

When starting out it’s probably better to choose certain products which appeal to you rather than do the whole health food market.  So ask yourself what you like to sell.  Will it be health food supplements like fish oil, vitamins and herbal medicine; or organically grown fruits and vegetables; or organically grown meat and poultry?  There are a lot of choices, so study each and every product and decide which you like as you will be spending a lot of time researching and studying these.

Once you have decided on which products to sell, try them out, use them or eat them.  As they say “you are what you eat”.  So by eating or using your products you yourself believe in the products you are marketing and the results will show. 

Your clients may not be able to see you but your friends would and when asked why you look healthier you can give them an honest answer and say that it’s because of the products you are using or the organic food you eat.  You get free advertising by being the spokesperson of your own products. 

Online Health Food Stores / Before you Start Selling

As usual before we start creating our website and researching health foods out there, it is still best to start your business with a business plan.  This piece of paper is a map of the things you need to accomplish in order to attain your goal:  success.

An ideal business plan contains your company profile, product overview, marketing and management strategies and financial details together with a step by step plan in how you are going to accomplish that goal of being a successful internet health food store.

Online Health Food Stores / Keep Your Competition Close

Success in the cyberspace just like success in life is uncertain.  Every venture entails a certain risk; however there are tools which we can use to calculate those risks.  There are a lot of tools and material available online to help potential entrepreneurs start their businesses. 

Or there’s the age old standby of going out there and actually talking to owners of health food stores.  Get to know them, ask tips and advice.  Be honest, tell them why you are interested and cultivate a relationship with them.  Some may turn you down but chances are you will find somebody out there who is willing to share.

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