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This Reputation Guide was created to help you navigate through

reputation with patronsOne of the foundations of any successful business is the relationship that a business develops with their patrons, and the reputation that is established as a result of that relationship.

At our aim is to direct the business owners attention toward this end. We are exploring really great business ideas here on this site to positively affect a business' reputation. We believe the business owner/patron relationship is fundamental to success. Many times it is a lack of follow through that prevents the great business ideas coming to fruition.

This Reputation Guide is divided into 4 steps. The first 3 steps are for the business owner or the soon-to-be business owner. Step 4 is for the patron or customer.

Step 1 for following the Reputation Guide - Help for Start-Ups

This first step is directed to the potential business owner. If you are in the process of getting your business off the ground and need some help with some basic concerns, check out the Advice for Start-Ups / Steps to Starting a Business page. Many different kinds of business are featured from Starting a Restaurant to Starting a Flower Business.

Other resources for the Start-Up entrepreneur is the Money For Starting a Business page, and (for a little inspiration) check out the Building Your Reputation/Definition of an Entrepreneur page and the Successful Franchises/Starbucks History page.

Also learn how crucial your care-taking abilities are. Visit the Customer Service / Customer Service Tips page to be educated on this very important element.

If the business you are interested in is not featured on this site please Contact Us. We are continually adding fesh material, and would be happy to offer information on any business that piques your interest.

Step 2 for following the Reputation Guide - Help for the Established Business Owner

If your business is already up and running, but you are feeling like a little help is in order, we provide plently of resources to ease your heavy load.

The Money For Starting a Business page will provide you with some relief for this universal concern.

If you are perplexed about what forms of affordable marketing you can implement we have many resources for these inquiries:

The Power of Social Networking / Social Networking Websites page

The Marketing Your Business / What is Marketing page

The New Word of Mouth / Definition of Viral Marketing page

Promotional Materials / Definition for Marketing page

These pages will lead to lots of others - all providing a multitude of ways to get seen in the best possible light.

Step 3 for following the Reputation Guide - Showing Off

This is really the meat of You've taken your great business ideas, done your homework, implemented your plans, and you are ready to be seen by the millions out there in cyberworld - there are actually about 1.5 billion of internet users in the world. And this is your chance to show off your business to a good portion of them

And this is your opportunity to give us a glimpse into why your business deserves special recognition. By clicking on the Business Spotlight-Submit Here link, you will be taken to a form. Complete the form carefully, including important details as to why we should spotlight your business on

Download any pictures you have, and don't be shy about sharing any interesting stories that may help your cause. We carefully consider each submission, and if we feel you have taken your patron's needs into your way of doing business there is a very good chance you will have your business featured on this site.

Next, click on Who's in the Spotlight to see whose business (or review) has been spotlighted.

Step 4 for following the Reputation Guide - Patrons, it's your turn to voice off

Without the patron there would be no business. Simple really, yet so many businesses don't seem to get this. You, the patron, the customer that frequents various resturants, salons, boutiques, hotels, etc. are the ones that can make a business boom, or cause them to shut their doors forever.

And so patrons, we at ask that you wield your power by clicking on the Business Spotlight link. Fill out the form in your voice, and tell us about your experience, the good and/or the bad. Include all the important and savory details.

If we believe your review was written in an appropriately detailed way your "Voice Off" will be featured on this site.

Next, click on Who's in the Spotlight to see whose review (or business) has been spotlighted.

Besides supplying your detailed experience here on, patrons are encouraged to visit the other top online business guides ( Yelp!,,, etc.) Why?

This simply adds to the Viral Reputation of the businesses that deserve recognition, and it lights a fire under those that need to step it up a notch. And all because of you, dear patrons. Use your power wisely, and create a winning environment for us all.

Thank you for visiting the Reputation Guide. If you have found any of the information on the Reputation Guide page (or any page on this site) confusing or lacking in any way. Please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Like Debra Winger's character in An Officer and a Gentleman, we are just trying to improve ourselves. Thank you for the opportunity.

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