Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility
Caring for Earth, Caring for You

You may be wondering, "Why is there a page on this site about Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility?" Fair enough. Consider this...

social responsibilityWhen people go inside a Starbucks outlet to buy their favorite coffee, the first thing most will look to get is a handful of tissues, maybe something to stir their coffee with or an extra sugar or cream. Did you ever stop to look at the tissues supplied in their stores and wonder why it’s so different from the rest?

Yes, Starbucks takes an active role in addressing environmental concerns that little things in their coffee shops, like tissues, are made recyclable. In fact, Starbucks takes their environmental responsibilities so seriously that it’s stated on their Starbucks mission statement, and they’ve even made the latest Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report available for public view on their website!

Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility / Its Present Repesents Its History

Starbucks has its foundation in solid values, and that is why this solid company is a model to look up to and learn from. When taking a look at Starbucks history, there is no mystery as to why the Starbucks Coffee Company continues to grow and evolve.

CSR and the Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report

We’ve all heard of problems in society and the environment, like pollution, global warming, poor working conditions and below-minimal-wage salaries. Many in power have taken steps to address these problems too, and have set up laws for those in business to follow.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept coined to describe how organizations now consider the welfare of the people by being responsible for the impact of their activities on all groups of people involved and affected by their business, e.g. their employees, customers, stakeholders. Many businesses have taken CSR very seriously that they have gone beyond “following laws”, and do more than being “responsible”.

The Starbucks Coffee Company is one of those corporations. The Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report is basically a document where the company writes about their global responsibility commitments and the way they approach business.

How do they treat the farmers that grow their coffee? How do they treat their employees? How do they take part in doing their responsibilities to the environment and the society? What are the organizations or communities that they’re involved in? Questions like these are addressed in the report and many more.

What Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Do For Your Business?

There are several reasons why taking CSR as seriously as Starbucks has its advantages:

  • Human Resource, Teamwork and Involvement Looking for potential employees? Encouraging involvement among your employees? CSR can help you out a bit in all of these areas. Knowing that they also work for a good cause can be enough to encourage motivation and better work production among your staff.

  • Brand DifferentiationPart of the Starbucks’ corporate social responsibility efforts are on the website, Starbucks Shared Planet, where they state goals of investing in the future of coffee growers, developing ways of recycling better and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing hours to community service. It is highly likely that these efforts have helped Starbucks to stand out from the rest! Who wouldn’t want to buy from or work for an establishment that does so much to give back to the community?

  • Ethical Consumerism – Let’s face it. The world’s population is growing, but natural resources are dwindling. Consumers are now more aware that what they buy can also affect society and the environment, and have thus, become more “ethical” when making decisions related to their purchases.

  • Social Awareness and EducationConsumers are aware, and so are more and more people. Some have even set up organizations just to focus on saving diminishing natural resources. These groups can put pressure on your business, but being socially and environmentally responsible can definitely get you off the hook.

  • AdvertisingIt’s rare to see an ad about their coffee, but with the Starbucks’ corporate social responsibility efforts, its advertising needs are mostly covered. Follow this link to find out more about Starbucks Marketing Strategy.

Starbucks’ efforts in being responsible for society and the environment can be major inspiration for many small businesses. This Starbuks Cooffee Company is an example of how any business can take a huge part in making changes for the better in the world today, as well as effectively use this participation to benefit the business.

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