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tripadvisor iconTrip Advisor is an information mecca for travelers looking for a quick way to size up a destination’s potential before they actually book that flight.  With more than 212,000 hotels and 74,000 attractions in over 30,000 destinations all over the globe, the smartest and least expensive way to plan your dream vacation is just a few clicks of a mouse away.

Currently the world’s biggest travel guide and research website, hosts 20 million reviews and opinions and around 32 million visitors per month across its 12 popular brands. These brands are TripAdvisor®,™, ™,™,™,™,™,®,™,™,™, and™.

No-Sweat Traveling

Trip Advisor provides no-sweat access to top online travel agencies including Expedia, Orbitz and Use of the website is free to users who provide content, with Trip Advisor making profits through cost-per-click marketing tools.  Two out of three topics posted in its forums amass replies within 24 hours. 

Popular features include:

  • quick downloadable and printable guides to top-notch hotels, restaurants, and attractions in over 5,000 most visited destinations worldwide

  • a network of travel experts who’ve been there, done that and want to share their experiences

  • a video option for you to share vivid moments of your travels. Travel marketers also use this tool to showcase their properties

  • a travel diary where users may save snapshots, profiles and reviews of a place to their own customizable “My Trip” folders.

  • Personalized Weekend Getaway Guides emailed to users based on their zip code, and which include must-see recommendations within the travelers’ hometown.

  • a Hotel Popularity Index which ranks the popularity of hotels worldwide based on reviews on


Working Together with Top Social Network Sites has also expanded its exposure through popular social networking sites as Facebook and MySpace, allowing users of these sites to share their travels through an interactive map, rate restaurants, and test their own knowledge of geography.

Eager to share your travel experiences with the world and write glowing reviews for a particular hotel or tourist destination you’ve been to? Let be your platform.

Let Your Voices be heard. Go to Trip Advisor and support your favorites places. Your positive review is like a vote to keep them in business.

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