Viral Email Marketing
7 Tips to Maximize Your Campaign

Do you know the effect a viral email marketing campaign can have on your business? Ever thought about it? Well, you should.

Just to get you off on the right foot follow this link to a detailed definition of viral marketing. And to give you a glimpse of what viral marketing can do for you check out our top ten viral marketing examples.

viral email marketingNow that we have your attention, and you understand a little bit better the power of this type of marketing, let's add email to the mix. Viral Email Marketing can add a greater depth to your viral marketing campaign, and take your business to a whole new level.

Viral Email Marketing - the internet viral marketing you shouldn't do without

Have you ever laughed your head off reading a funny forwarded email from a friend? Did you notice how many people have been cc’d in that email? Those people would have been amused by the same email and forwarded it to their own friends. In fact, you too are thinking of sharing the email with at least 10 friends and colleagues. The one who crafted the funny content would be smiling from ear to ear knowing that scores of people have been touched by his message.

Now, imagine if it were your message those people are passing on to others and that your business name and logo appears prominently on the page. Isn’t it an easy and brilliant way to market your brand and get free targeted traffic to your website? Such is the power of viral email marketing.

Also known as opt-in list marketing, viral email marketing is simply the use of email to get the word out about your products and services.  Studies show that email has been rated second only to customer reviews when it comes to influencing consumers in making a purchase.

There are three reasons why email is an effective and inexpensive internet viral marketing tool:

  • Sending and receiving emails does not cost a dime.

  • It’s very easy to send emails and the email chain is endless. All you have to do is check the recipient box, click send and your email goes to multiple recipients who in turn will forward it. There is no restriction on the number of recipients you can forward your message to.

  • Emails have the speed advantage. Information are sent and received instantly, resolution of complaints is immediately addressed, and customer requests are immediately catered to. The speed of email helps you establish a highly interactive relationship with your customers.

So, okay, viral email marketing is easy enough and something that you would want to adopt for your online business. Before you go ahead and start emailing everyone on your list of contacts, however, here are 7 tips you have to use to optimize your viral email advertising efforts.

  1. People should care about your story.
    You have to make sure that the message is worth sharing in the first place.  The content must be useful to people in some way, otherwise, why would anyone bother to forward it?

  2. Make your story relevant.
    It’s not enough that your content is unique and useful; it must also match the topic your subscriber expects. If he has opted-in to receive gardening tips, don’t send him tips about shopping.

  3. Build a database.
    Build your email list daily by learning how to trap the email addresses of visitors to your site.  The more people you send out articles or product reviews to, the more people will become aware of your marketing message. The trick to build a responsive email list is to offer a free e-book that has helpful content. Give it away for free in exchange for the name and email address of visitors to your website. You could also offer some useful special reports to all who subscribe to your newsletter and thus leave you with their email addresses.

  4. Give stuff away.
    People love anything free. Viral email marketing works best when consumers are able to get something out of forwarding a message to their friends. It can be an incentive of a 10% discount on the referrer’s next purchase if he forwards the message to five of his friends.

  5. Don't forget to implement branding.
    Remember to include your business name and logo in your emails. You can’t be anonymous! Viral email marketing is, first and foremost, spreading the word about your products and services. You can send out articles and product reviews to your opt-in lists with a brief paragraph encouraging them to pass it on.

  6. Format matters.
    Use the most appropriate format for your email that matches your content and target audience.  You may either send a text-only email or a graphic/html email.  

  7. Respond back immmeditatey to your customer.
    As an email marketer, you have to have an autoresponder, a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it. Autoresponders are very useful tools; they build list, provide content to email subscribers, offer automatic downloads, and launch email campaigns. They also provide immediate information to customers and then follow-up with them. What’s more, autoresponders are used to confirm subscriptions, unsubscriptions, posts, and other list activities.

Should you install autoresponder software on your own domain or rent a monthly service? This article on Articlesbase will help you decide by giving the pros and cons of using each option.

Here are more tips to optimize your viral email marketing campaigns courtesy of ClickZ.

To make your viral email marketing campaign failure-proof, you should avoid the common pitfalls when launching an email advertisement. This article which appears on will help you steer clear of the common mistakes in email marketing.

To get a feel of what’s in store for viral email marketing in 2009, read this special report on “4 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2009” by BtoB The Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

To send or not to send email, that is the question that baffles many marketers who know the value of viral email marketing but at the same time don’t want to annoy their customers by bombarding them with emails. This article on BtoB The Magazine for Marketing Strategists gives an insight into preventing consumers’ email fatigue.

While you’re busy cooking up ways to make your viral email marketing campaign more interesting and successful, how about an award to reward your efforts? Yes, there is such a thing as recognizing excellence in viral email marketing campaigns and programs by the Email Experience Council (EEC). See this article, again courtesy of BtoB The Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

When used in tandem with other types of viral marketing methods, viral email marketing is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your site, increase the rate at which your message spreads, and multiply your sales. Just consider the case of a women’s athletic clothing retailer which used the email marketing tool to its advantage. The campaign resulted in a sign-up rate of 30 percent and a catalog subscription rate of almost 70 percent, while reducing cost per sale by 89 percent.

Now, doesn’t that just inspire you to go viral?

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