Viral Marketing Campaign
How are you spreading the word about your business?

How do you inject the power into Your Viral Marketing Campaign?

viralmarketingIf you are into business, you got to love all things marketing, and viral marketing sure beats the hell out of conventional forms of advertisements in terms of increasing brand awareness and sales at minimal cost. Instead of spending tons of money on TV commercials, newspaper ads,   banners or billboards, you simply let your network of friends and acquaintances promote your business.

If you are not clear of the definition of viral marketing, check out the detailed definition by following this link. Then, when you feel like you "got it", come back here so you can take your Viral Marketing Campaign to the next level.

Is Internet Viral Marketing one the most profitable business ideas around?

A viral marketing campaign has the power to reach thousands, even millions, of people at the shortest possible time. By going viral, the information you want spread about your business will get a life of its own and soon, people will want to share it. It is said that a well-crafted viral campaign has five to ten times more impact than regular advertisements. That makes internet viral marketing one of the most profitable business ideas in the world today.

The main reason why viral marketing campaigns are so effective is because people tend to associate more truth and legitimacy to word of mouth than to traditional advertising. Also, according to the Nielsen Global Survey 2007, 78% of people tend to have more faith in recommendations from others.

A corporation that has done an excellent job of using a viral campaign to spread their message is Starbucks Coffee Company. The Starbucks marketing strategy was implemented in a subtle yet highly effective way that has influenced other up and coming companies.

In creating a viral marketing campaign, remember this quote by Halpern Cowan Ltd., an internet viral marketing agency: "It's a bit like wild fire. If there is one fire the chances of creating a blaze are minimal. If you start 1000 fires, you have a much better chance of creating an inferno!"

Key elements of a good viral marketing campaign

What are the elements of a good viral marketing campaign? How can you make your message contagious? There are actually dozens of elements that make a viral campaign successful. Here are a few of them:

  • What’s new? You can put a new twist to an old idea or create an entirely new content from scratch. The rule is, there must be something new and exciting about the campaign that makes people go: “Whoa! What is that?!” Create a message so compelling that consumers would want to pass it on. Be unique, unexpected and memorable. For more on this check out our viral marketing products page.

  • What’s in it for me? The message will be more spreadable if the users will get some form of incentive in the form of freebies and product samples by spreading your content. It will also create goodwill. Take the cue from Hotmail’s viral marketing campaign. Hotmail gave away free email accounts to some users who in turn emailed their friends and families who also signed up for their own Hotmail accounts. Each of the email message sent with a Hotmail address carries this advertisement at the bottom: “Get your private, free email at” 

  • What’s your take on this? Your content must include a call to action. They must encourage the users to make a decision. It must inspire them to feel a certain emotion whether it be anger, fear, love or happiness. People want to be famous and cool. They want to feel wanted and appreciated. You can use these motivators to make the most of your viral marketing campaign.

  • What is the  story? There has to be a story behind your viral marketing campaign.  The product may be secondary. In fact, it may not even be shown. When Sony made the Bravia “paint” and “balls” TV ads, the product was noticeably absent, yet the ad was mind-blowing and memorable because of the story.

  • What’s next? Your viral campaign must have a follow-up particularly if it’s successful. Now that you have your audience’s attention, don’t let their minds stray. Give them something on a regular basis to keep their attention glued to you. Whatever you do, make sure it is as exciting and eye-catching as the initial campaign.

  • What to do to infect others? Remember how easy it is to transmit a virus like a cold virus, for instance? Make your content easily transferrable. After you have “infected” your users with your content, make the message spreadable by allowing it to be downloadable in a usable format (videos IN MPG, pictures in JPG, etc.) It should be easily embedded to their own sites and can be sent to multiple parties. Also, include tools for users to share it on social sites.

  • What’s free for all?  To make your content highly contagious, never restrict users in any way. Don’t ask for payment or ask them to register. Any form of restriction defeats the “viral” element of your campaign and alienates some users.

More profitable business ideas to make your internet viral marketing contagious

To make your viral campaign failure-proof, see the following examples of viral marketing failure as enumerated by Dan Zarrella on his site, and make sure you don’t commit the same mistakes.

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Lastly, a viral marketing campaign can be wildly successful so you should be prepared for it. Make sure you have put in place the bandwidth, stock, staff and service to deal with the outcome. When sufficiently planned and well executed, your viral promotional campaign can give you just the kind of buzz you wish to generate and more.

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