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Do Your Products Produce Word of Mouth?

Have you ever thought of the term viral marketing products? If you are unclear then you may be missing the key to taking your business to the next level.

First of all, if you are not familar with the definition of viral marketing, check it out by following this link. If you need more clarification on how this is important to the growth of your business check out these viral marketing examples. Then come back here.

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A viral marketing campaign can produce is a single stroke of genius that goes a long way. A normal TV ad is rarely something you remember, let alone ask other people to see. Even if you do see it yourself, it is not very likely that you focus on it exclusively (most likely you are thinking about when the commercial break is over so that you can continue watching CSI, Alias etc.).

With a viral ad you watch it with much greater attention, you will remember it, share it, talk about the next morning at work, blog about it and possibly even bookmark it. Advertising techniques, customized marketing solutions, and viral email marketing are all great - or at least they have the potential to great. A great idea needs great execution. Sorry...

Even without considering how many people that see it, the effectiveness is staggering. Normal ads are usually just something you want to get over with - while viral ads are something you want to spend time on.

Here are a few things to bring you clarity on what you need to do next with your next viral marketing campaign:

UNEXPECTED / Viral Marketing Products

man fighting bearThis one explains itself. If you want people to notice you campaign, you have to do something different - something unexpected. Forget about trying to promote your products as just being great - everybody does that. Forget about trying to make it look cool - everyone else has "been there, done that".
Remember the bear being attacked by a man? That was unexpected - and it is one the most effective viral advertisements ever.

You have to catch people off guard, something they didn't expect that makes them notice it and share it. Never be a copycat.

/ Viral Marketing Products

When BMW put out BMW Films, the main ingredient was not the cars, but the story. Replace the car with another one, and it would still be great. When Sony made their Bravia TV ads, the product was not even seen - yet everyone remembers it.

INTERESTING / Viral Marketing Products

Forget about you, your product or your company. Focus exclusively in creating a good and interesting story. Sure, you can add you product into the mix, but it must not be the most important thing.

Also, think about the branding aspect. People will not share your ad, unless they like it - they have become fans. I would rather have 100 fans that promote what I do, than 10,000 viewers that simply watched my commercial one evening.

For instance, I personally think Sony Bravia TVs are cool ...but the only reason I know about them is because of the YouTube Video, a bunch of bouncing balls.

RELEVANT / Viral Marketing Products

Viral marketing is not about wasting people's time, it is instead about giving something that want to spend time on. Sure, it does attract attention, and some of these ads actually improve our lives. The BMW ad tells us a story about people who show us what is wrong - and that there are some who dedicate their life to make it right. The Bravia ad makes us happy because we see beauty and life. The Escalator ad reminds us that maybe we are too lazy for own good - maybe we should exercise more.

HUMOR / Viral Marketing Products

And remember, an easy way to make your viral product memorable is to inject humor in your marketing. Yes, humor definitely sells. humor is generally the best way to make a viral marketing campaign.
Viral marketing experts say Viral marketing is 100% about emotions, and humor is one of the strongest emotions we humans are equipped with.

 stir the emotion, and give people room / opportunity to add their own touch to your idea.
Viral is fun or shock (John West is great ad). Viral is something you WILL share with your friends. Unfortunately working on budgets and under deadlines we all say ‘that is good enough'. It's not! If you wouldn't share similar content with your friend - don't create it in first place. What I'm saying is - there is a lot of crap on net and in media - as creative people, let's try to do our best job ever each time - or don't do it at all. Or find another job. Start selling tea. As me ;)

Love the escalator advert / video. Brilliant!! And even the escalator mechanic got stuck!!! So hilarious.

DEDICATION / Viral Marketing Products

The whole "that is good enough" idea does not really cut it, if you want to go Viral. It does not have to be really expensive or take a lot of time - but you need to be able to dedicate yourself to making it. And, you cannot do that if you have a zillion restraints or more than one job to complete that week.

 People now days have relized viral strategy are very powerfull. Less effort but with exponential feedback. I think that why Tell-A-Friend has started its own war :)

TOOLS/RESOURCES / Viral Marketing Products

Back links are very important and when you can embed that link into something viral like free templates you are able to build an empire.

You can also take advantage of social news sites like to post a link to your article or video. It's good publicity and people read and share the links.

How is your viral marketing campaign shaping up?

Take a look at HP's viral campaign FingerSkillz. All takes is to have a good idea - money is not nessesary.
Web Video Marketing Council is a great resource for a unique and edgy viral marketing campaign. Web Video Marketing is defined as "A new category of interactive marketing which deploys audiovisual content as a means of communicating and tracking purposeful commercial or marketing messages to target audiences over the Internet."

The WVMC recently celebrated its first anniversary with an enhanced website featuring free resources for marketers who want to engage in web video marketing. The WVMC monitors news, trends, technologies and applications related to all aspects of web video marketing including web video email, video blogging, viral video campaigns, video microsites or "videosites" and related analytics software.

It's just a really tough topic to wrap your head around. I think the reason why is that you can't "force" people to engage in viral marketing. You have to just attempt to follow these concepts as best as you can and they fight to make things so great on your site that people will WANT to share your site with the world. I know of one sure-fire way to make this happen. One way that people will for sure share your site with the world. Daniel Pereira wrote a post about it on her blog, "The Basics For Getting Free Viral Marketing For Your Website". Let me know what you guys think.

You run a marketing firm - this is how you market in 2007. You’re not running a church or a kindergarten or a charity - you’re running a marketing operation. Everyone needs to take off the rose colored glasses.

Social News Voting Sites / Viral Marketing Products

Sites like Digg, Reddit, Sphinn, etc, are great places (perhaps the best) to seed viral content because they center around links to the actual content, allowing people to spread exact copies of the original message, they tend to have not only huge audiences, but extremely savvy and prolific social audiences, links on social news sites not only remain visible indefinitely, but they also allow social proof to build in the form of votes and users can comment on individual stories (often these comments themselves can be voted on as well).

Call to Actions / Viral Marketing Products

Have you included viral calls-to-action that will trigger user’s desire to spread your content (which you should have identified in the research stage)?

Optimization / Viral Marketing Products

Have you made sure that your content is easy to share? Is the URL short and permanent? Did you include tools for users to share it on social sites? If you’re using some form of video, can users embed the video on their own sites and profiles?

Remixing / Viral Marketing Products

Have you made sure your content can be remixed by viewers? The process of communal recreation is important to “going viral” and you should make sure your campaign is a platform for users to express themselves with it. Think about things like personalization and customization.

Link bait is any content or feature withina website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites. Matt Cutts who works as a SEO specialist at Google, defines link bait as anything "interesting enough to catch people's attention." Link bait can be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature.

Link baiting (or linkbaiting) is the latest buzz word in the SEO world and has come to be the preferred way to natural link building. ...

Visiting the websites and clips of popular viral marketing examples can help you understand and incorporate the basics into your next viral marketing campaign.

Bottom line - viral marketing is important, and really essential because there are approximately 6.5 billion people in the world today. And each one of these individuals in some way, somehow, somewhere is connected and (lest we forget) the Internet is one of the greatest tools to reach most of them.

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