Viral Reputation
What Are People Saying About Your Business?

What Is Viral Reputation?

Reputation is defined as the general estimation that the public has for you. A virus is a microorganism that can reproduce and spread incredibly quickly. In today’s world internet the reputation that you earn fairly or unfairly can spread incredibly quickly with email campaigns and social media networks. This reputation can either be good or bad. When related to your business viral reputation can both be a blessing or a curse.

A reputation is a very fragile thing and human nature being what it is, a lot of people are happier spreading negative rumors. It’s just like the reputation of a good girl in a small town a little monkey business and before you know it the whole town is snickering behind their hands about her.

It’s the same thing with your business except that instead of a small town it’s a global town who will be talking about you. The thing with reputation is it’s better to have a good reputation and prevent a bad reputation in the first place rather than try to repair a bad reputation that you may have acquired. Prevention is better than cure is extremely applicable where reputation is concerned.

Viral Reputation / What Do I Need To Avoid A Bad Reputation?

Avoiding a bad reputation and getting a good reputation are two facets of the same thing. There are any number of steps that you can take but the most basic ones merely need common sense.

Here are some ways to enhance your viral reputation:

  1. Make certain that you offer a good product.
    If you are in business you are selling something. It may be a product, a service, and idea, or a solution. You can compare it with your competitor’s product which promises the same thing. Revisit your business marketing profile - do it need a face lift?

    If your product is trash that will be the beginning of a negative reputation that can easily go viral. But, let's assume you have a product to be proud of. Are you using all the great viral marketing products at your disposal to make the most of what you have. Have you developed a viral marketing campaign that will allow you to shine?

  2. Refine your sales approach.
    Selling is all about persuasion but sometimes the hard sell approach can backfire. Sometimes a gentle persuasion is what is needed. Try to imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes, how would you feel? Another aspect of this is making sure what you say your product is really is what your product is. If you sell a tin of canned turkey and it turns out to be dog food, how would you feel?

  3. Customer Service.
    This is where many businesses and people stumble and get mud on their faces. Why is customer service important? Shoddy customer service especially after the consummation of the transaction is extremely hazardous to your reputation.

    Excellent customer service both before and especially after the sale. Customer service before sales is a granted but this write-up is about viral reputation and ignoring after sales customer service is a good way to catch negative viral reputation.

Viral Reputation / Making the Most of Your Reputation

The reputation that you have is your most powerful tool in making your business a success. If you have gained a negative reputation you should address the problem. If there really is a problem in the way you do business you should fix it. If the problem is with the person flaming you then the problem should be addressed by opening a line of communication with the person and asking him to stop it, you’d be surprised how often this works.
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