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What is Youtube / Youtube for Business

All round the world, millions and millions of users log on to Youtube to either view or upload videos. What is Youtube exactly? For those who still are not aware, Youtube is an online video sharing application where users can view, share and upload video clips and other footages. Most of Youtube’s content has been uploaded by the using public.  Some media giants however have already partnered with Youtube to broadcast some of their materials.

What is Youtube / Youtube Basics

Only registered users have the privilege to upload unlimited number of video clips. On the other hand, unregistered users could only view uploaded contents. Users below the age of 18 are prohibited to view videos which are classified as potentially having offensive content.

What is Youtube / Who Uses It?

What is Youtube and who uses it? Almost anyone with a video to share uses Youtube. A good portion of Youtube contents are being uploaded by teenagers or young adults. Youtube serves as an avenue for showcasing young and fresh talents all over the world.

Youtube is also used by a good number of teachers, instructors, and students for academic purposes. A lot of how-to videos are also very popular views among users. Another sector of the Youtube user population that is rapidly growing is the business sector.

A lot of business owners (some established and some just starting a business), small-scale and big firms alike, now resort to Youtube for marketing and advertising of their respective products and services.

What is Youtube / Viral Marketing

What is Youtube and internet viral marketing? Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that uses social networking or online applications to increase product and service awareness. It was called viral because of the similarity of how brand awareness spreads as compared to a virus.

See the Definition of Viral Marketing page for further clarification on this topic. There is a wide array of viral marketing forms available for marketers to use. Some of them are video clips, ebooks, images, interactive Flash games, and even text messages. 

Using a viral marketing campaign has become the new and practical marketing method for entrepreneurs. One particular advantage of viral marketing is the availability and readiness of required resources. Social networking is now a household fad for friends and even relatives. Viral marketing has a very far reach and is cost and time efficient as well.  These are some of the main reasons why marketers are now resorting to Youtube as an alternative for marketing.

What is Youtube / Why Use it to Advertise?

What is Youtube and why use it to advertise? Youtube has an ample amount of tools and features that could significantly improve business sales. Using these tools and features could improve overall marketing and site traffic. Below is a short list of some reasons to employ Youtube in business advertising:

  • Certain individuals may be chosen to receive notices of video postings. This means that to be able to reach out to a target population, a list of consumers’, clienteles’ and prospects’ email addresses should be provided.

  • Youtube also has a bulletin board feature which lets its users post various messages. This could be used to inform substantially anyone in the network about a newly uploaded video.

  • Youtube could also be used to upload videos on executive presentations, training instructions, product technical support, and many more.

  • Television commercial advertising has been far out of reach to smaller scale businesses. Because of this, Youtube’s low cost advertising is now more preferred even by bigger businesses.

  • Audio-visual advertising is so far more superior to the plain visual or audio format. Youtube serves an advantage based on this information.

There are a number of marketing approaches to employ in order to generate and improve site traffic. Viral marketing is certainly the hot item for marketers today. Youtube offers one of the best ways to advertise to a wide array of businesses time-wise and cost-wise.

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