Writing a Business Profile
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Writing a Business Profile / What Is A Business Profile?

A business profile is a document prepared with the intention of presenting a picture of your company. Essential information about your business is presented in a manner that is both attractive and professional that will attract prospective customers and potential investors.

The profile should be concise and accurate report of what your company is, the company structure including management procedures, your policies and principles, your business track record, and financial viability.

One of the results of writing this document will be the thorough evaluation that you will have done of your company during the process of writing the profile. Your business profile should aim to convince an investor or a purchaser that your business is credible and financially viable. Potential customers will also need to know that your supply is assured, quality is consistent, and possible risk is minimized.

Writing a Business Profile / Why Do I Need To Write A Business Profile?

The creation of a business profile is an important and even necessary part in starting a business irregardless of the size. This step is often dispensed with especially by small businesses during the startup period when it is important to focus and establish the direction of your business.

A well written profile will attract the customers that you want to do business with. A badly written one will not hold their interest and might even drive them away. Exposure to the public and to media is another purpose of the business profile.

An understanding of the purpose and mission of the company by members of the media can spread over to the audience of these media people. The best candidates for employment will also be attracted by a well-organized and well-written profile.

Writing a Business Profile / What Are The Elements of An Excellent Business Profile?

The first element in crafting an effective business profile is the information in the document. This information should be accurate, to the point, and understandable to the layman. Highly technical information may be included but there should be explanations that can be understood by a layman.

The personality of the company should show through in the profile. Showing human interest is good way to relate to people. A feeling of the company’s culture will add a human side to the picture. Company community, social activities, and even support groups will hold the interest of the reader.

Qualities unique to the company or experiences of company employees that are characteristic of your company should be mentioned. These will give readers an idea of the distinctiveness of your from the other companies.

To help organize your profile in a fun and effective way we recommend a process called Mind Mapping.

Writing a Business Profile / Closing Comments

To sum it up business profiles are important for companies especially in the startup phase because it can give focus and direction of the business. The importance of a well-crafted profile cannot be underestimated because it will be a basis for potential customers’ perception of your business. A well-written profile will attract customers and candidates for employment while a badly written one may even drive potential business away.

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